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BluFocus offers QA services for Sony Creative Software's authoring tool

Quality assurance testing and certification facility BluFocus has partnered with Sony Creative Software to offer its testing services to support their DoStudio Blu-ray Disc authoring platform.

The DoStudio line of software applications focuses on professional Blu-ray Disc creation. The software allows the user to create replication-ready Blu-ray discs with interactive pop-up menus, complex interactivity, and high definition quality video and audio. It does this with an intuitive point-and-click interface that doesn?t involve complex scripting.

BluFocus will be providing developer services aimed specifically at users of the DoStudio Authoring software. In this collaboration, clients using the DoStudio software can utilize BluFocus' testing services in the areas of quality, compliancy, functionality, usability, and compatibility to ensure their Blu-ray Discs meet Blu-ray specifications and are of the highest quality standard.

"The growth of the Blu-ray format has caused a significant increase in competition, Independent content providers need to ensure quality is maintained," said Paulette Pantoja, BluFocus CEO and Founder. "Our experience with this software, with our testing abilities, enables us to work with DoStudio authoring teams to ensure their Blu-ray projects are of the highest caliber before they reach the market."

Story filed 12.03.13

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