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2012 French video market: DVD down 12%; BD up 9%; VOD up 23%

The French market for packaged and online video entertainment was worth €1,317 million in 2012 - a fall of 5% over 2011 - according to figures from GfK and members of the French video publishers association, SEVN, just released.

Though plummeting 12%, DVD still remains the first physical media format, with sales of 65 millions units for a turnover of €893 million. Blu-ray discs experienced a fourth year of growth bringing in €224 million - a 9.3% rise over the previous year. Packaged media (DVD and Blu-ray) accounts for 85% of video turnover. The French market fared less badly than most other European video markets.

With a total of 11 million discs sold, Blu-ray accounts for 20% of the disc market in 2012 - 31% for new titles compared with 25% in 2012. A quarter of households are now equipped with a Blu-ray player. SEVN also notes the sharp growth of the Blu-ray 3D format.

Combo packs (DVD + Blu-ray) are available for 31% of new releases.

Video-on-demand (excluding adult services) was estimated to be worth €200 million - up 23% over 2011. French consumers benefit from the largest VOD offer in Europe, totalling 29,000 programmes of which 9,000 films. Some 60 million purchases were recorded in 2012. Of note, 31% of internet users have purchased a VOD programme, according to Médiamétrie research.

SEVN reiterates some of the policy proposals it put to the presidential candidates last year to defend and strengthen the video market: making permanent the 'graduated response,' extending it to streaming services; blocking access to websites engaged in piracy; condemning advertisers and their agencies that patron pirate sites; experimenting with new contractual models as regards release windows (chronologie des médias).

Regarding the last proposal, SEVN says that a shortening of the release window introduced in 2009 did not damage box office receipts. Indeed, theatrical revenues have never been so big. It would like theatrical releases out in Q3 2013 to become available on video for the pre-Christmas season underlining that the last two months of the year account for 30% of the industry's annual turnover.

Story filed 17.01.13

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