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Testronic adds UltraViolet interoperability testing to its QC Lab

Multi-platform quality assurance services provider Testronic has upgraded its File-Based QC Lab to provide UltraViolet Interoperability Testing capabilities and related test automation services, including extended services and environments "to support the evolving digital ecosystem from mastering to consumer distribution."

The expansion of Testronic's File-Based Lab, located at the company's Burbank facility, also features independent test stations supporting both hardware and software-based Common File Format (CFF) players connected to a secure NAS, allowing client files to be quickly tested against a wide-range of CFF players.

Thus, UltraViolet content providers, retailers, download service providers and CFF player manufacturer licensees can bring and transmit CFF content files for testing against available players, and have their players tested against CFF reference files and representative UltraViolet content.

In addition to supporting UltraViolet testing, the updated File-Based Lab can securely receive and test digital content and all downstream deliverables for Over-the-Top (OTT) services such as iTunes, Netflix and Hulu. To better support website, web portal and content rights redemption testing, Testronic has further expanded its online test lab environment, adding 12 test stations and upgrading the Master QC testing suites with greater functionality and additional technologies.

Story filed 14.01.13

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