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With Nabla, Dimenco introduces 'the ultimate glasses-free 3D experience'

Leading glasses-free 3D displays specialist Dimenco unveiled Dimenco Nabla, a technology it claims delivers 'the ultimate glasses-free FHD 3D experience.' Nabla is the result of optimizing the company's proprietary lenticular solution in combination with Ultra-HD (3,840x2,160) panels.

"The resulting system provides the first glasses-free 3D Full HD experience without compromising brightness or viewing angle," said Jan van der Horst, CTO of Dimenco.

Until now, 3D auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) displays had to compromise on the perceived resolution. That is because, with conventional lenticular structures, multi-view visualization impact heavily on the 3D resolution. This results in glasses-free 3D displays with reduced sharpness to provide a convenient 3D experience. Added to that, the legibility of small details in 2D is significantly reduced and the lens structure is visible.

The company says Dimenco Nabla solves these compromises via its unique lens design and image processing. The optical stack and structure has been optimized to improve the perceived 2D and 3D resolution while limiting the interference of the lens structure. "By combining Nabla and Dimenco Clear View people can experience for the first time glasses-free FHD 3D with the deepest black levels, no brightness loss, the widest viewing angle and lowest cross-talk," says CEO Maarten Tobias. "We expect this technology will enter the glasses-free 3D TV consumer market in 2013."

Dimenco Nabla will be demonstrated during CES in Las Vegas this week at a private suite in the MGM Grand. The company will also showcase a glasses-free 3D Retina MacBook and a 11.6" glasses-free 3D display that can be used both in portrait as landscape mode.

Story filed 08.01.13

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