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Monetised mobile content, micro-publishing at London Video Rendezvous

Hiroshi Uchikoga, Founder and CEO of Tokyo-based Visionare and Co-founder of Veam Inc. in Silicon Valley will be speaking at the forthcoming London Video Rendezvous on 18 June, organised by DVD Intelligence. Software development company Visionare brought to market a DVD/BD rental system using smartphone to unlock content.

Veam focuses on building an internet-based video distribution platform using mobile apps that empowers independent filmmakers and musicians to easily bring their content to their intended audiences, and monetizing it doing it.

Joining from France is Laurent Villaume, CEO of QOL, the country's largest replicator who became Europe's first independent Blu-ray manufacturer in 2007. Three years in development, and going beyond manufacturing-on-demand (MOD), QOL pioneered last year a new service - microédition (micro-publishing) - which Villaume will present.

Also contributing to the proceedings in the complex digital copy area is Volkmar Breitfeld, Co-founder and MD of ACE GmbH and Protect Software GmbH, based in Germany. Involved with interactive content for some 25 years and holding multiple patents in the fields of optical media and online distribution, Valkmar is an acknowledged expert in the field of Digital Copy.

Coming to share his broad-based experience is Olivier Lauchenauer, Co-founder and Director of London, Soho-based BAFTA and RTS award-winning boutique post-production Pogo Films. They are finishing their latest 3D Blu-ray title, A 3D Guide to Belly Dancing and are delivering over 9 hours of 3D broadcast content to the international market.

"These latest contributors are strengthening an already impressive roster of speakers," says organiser Jean-Luc Renaud, DVD Intelligence Publisher. "So much expertise concentrated on so few square meters makes the forthcoming London Video Rendezvous the 'must-attend' address in London for all those in post-production, publishing and distribution who seek a deeper, plain-speaking understanding of UltraViolet, Digital Copy, 3D as well as exploring ways of enhancing the packaged media experience."

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Story filed 20.05.12

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