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New study finds consumers want more 3D content options at home

The record-breaking box office success of The Avengers, in large part due to higher-priced 3D tickets, will increase consumer demand for access to 3D movies at home, according to analysts at Parks Associates. Their new research shows US 3D TV owners are satisfied with their TVs. A majority of them use their 3D TVs on a monthly basis, and 65% want access to more 3D movies.

In the study 3D TVs: Adoption, Use, and Purchase Intentions based on a survey of over 600 3D TV owners, Parks found 56% were "very satisfied" with their TV's 3D features. In addition to more 3D movies, 49% of consumers surveyed want more 3DTV programme options, and 45% want more 3D games.

"People who have a 3D TV set use it, like it, and want more content for it," said John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates. The latest Parks Associates figures show just 6% of US broadband households have a 3D TV. "Don't blame the technology. Prices are still too high, and the amount of content is still too low."

Barrett also said expectations for 3D should be revised. "The industry needs to stop comparing 3D to HD. Consumers are never going to watch everything in 3D. They will watch the occasional programme in 3D if the content is compelling, but 2D will always be the default."

In a separate research, Parks Associates reports 22% of US broadband households currently would refuse to buy a "cloud copy" of digital media, while almost 30% would require a physical copy in addition to a cloud copy.

Story filed 18.05.12

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