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Samsung, LG compete for pole position in global 3D TV market

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has revealed that it will focus on 3D TV and smart TV sales in the Middle East in order to strengthen its dominant presence in the large emerging market.

The company said it aims to aggressively market its latest high-end TV sets and expand cooperative tie-ups with content suppliers to solidify its status as the No. 1 smart electronics product supplier in the area.

In the 3D TV sector, the company's dominance reached 46.9% of the total market, with its control of smart TVs hitting 39% in 2011.

As the world's second-biggest TV manufacturer, LG is narrowing the gap with biggest rival Samsung in the race for 3D televisions thanks to decisions by struggling Japanese TV makers to adopt its technology. Sony, once Samsung's key partner, as well as Panasonic are now aligned with LG, giving it a big chance to expand its presence in 3D TVs, The Korea Times reports.

Samsung grabbed an initial lead in 3D televisions as its battery-powered 3D glasses offer a clearer image. But LG has improved its technology along with better pricing. And market conditions are on LG's side as Chinese, US and cash-strapped Japanese TV makers are keener to use its technology as the slow demand is seeing a shift toward the cheaper 3D technology.

Since the third quarter of last year, LG Electronics has been leading the 3D TV market in the Asia-Pacific rim excluding China and Japan. Even in Brazil, the single biggest consumer electronics market in South America, LG was the top 3D TV seller with a 43% share in the fourth quarter of last year, according to DisplaySearch.

In the Middle East and Africa, Samsung and LG Electronics are in a close battle. LG's share was 35%, while Samsung's was 45% over the last three months of last year. It was the first time that Samsung's share was below 50%, according to the market research firm.

Story filed 22.03.12

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