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Disney Studio All Access ecosystem yet to be deployed

Initially announced for 2011, Disney Studio All Access, the all-in-one cloud-based multiplatform programme, will now launch "in the next several months," according to a studio spokesperson quoted by Variety.

Spelt out in some details in an investor conference call in February of last year, Disney Studio All Access - DSAA - brings under the same roof four separate initiatives: 'Disney Movie Rewards,' a point-based system that the company has operated for five years to reinforce purchasing of its products; 'Disney Movies Online,' the online storefront which enables the streaming of the studio's films purchased or rented, 'DisneyFile Digital Copy,' the piggy-backing of a digital version of the film on a disc; and 'KeyChest,' Disney's proprietary Cloud-based technology - and a competitor to UltraViolet - which enables interoperability across platforms and devices.

Disney Studio All Access ecosystem will serve as consumers' digital vault for the purchase, management and access of Disney content in one place across multiple devices. The new service will allow users to pay one price for a movie and then get that movie in all formats.

"Because we have the power of the Disney brand," the company says, "we have a unique opportunity to create a strong, Disney-branded consumer proposition for the integrated management of our digital movie assets." But it is slow in coming.

A teaser website for DSAA has been setup in September 2011 still with a "Coming soon" notice and a trailer.

Story filed 16.02.12

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