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Target Technology keeps fighting over DVD silver alloy patent protection

Fight over patent protection of silver alloy is not about to end if one goes by Target Technology Company's intention to defend its position "in all territories where the company has granted patents,"? notes a company communiqué.

TTC offers proprietary silver alloy sputtering targets for the semi reflective (Layer 0) of DVD-9. It says many DVD replication companies worldwide are using its innovative target material to replace gold or silicon as the semi-reflective layer in the production of DVD-9.

Though it lost a court case against Dutch competitor C-Corb some time ago, TTC asserts that its "European patents are all still valid and fully enforceable in Europe including patent EP 1 505 584 B1, the one most recently reviewed by the European Patent Office (EPO). The EPO's decision will be appealed and we strongly believe that their decision will be reversed under the second review. Until that second review, this patent is in full force and effect per EPO rules.”

TTC claims there is effectively no change in patent status caused by this recent decision as it is not a final decision. "In the meantime infringement should not be encouraged by anyone."

"Recent publication stating that there is no patent protection for silver alloys in Europe is wrong and misleading information designed to entice customers to infringe for the publishers benefit," says the company, encouraging users "to seek counsel's input before accepting these dangerous contentions."?

Story filed 12.02.12

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