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'4th dimension' experience comes to UK Cineworld cinema chain

Next month, Cineworld Glasgow will be the first UK cinema to offer what could be described as a 4D experience: a 3D movie - Disney's Martian sci-fi fantasy adventure epic John Carter with movement and vibration seats.

Cineworld signed a deal with D-Box Technologies who offer motion seating with D-BOX Motion Code. Movies embedded with the D-BOX Motion code programming send frame-by-frame encoded instructions to the seats to move in a synchronised motion to the action on screen. "D-BOX seats create an unmatched realistic immersive experience,"? boasts the cinema chain. "The technology will excite film-goers senses through the power of movement and feeling, creating a multi-sensorial revolution in film watching."

35 D-Box-fitted seats will be installed in the Glasgow site which is also billed as the tallest cinema screen in the world. D-Box seats will cost an extra ?4.50 per ticket. After John Carter, the next D-Box enabled movie will be The Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Disney.

Six other Cineworld cinemas are soon to be equipped with this cutting-edge technology, including Cineworld Milton Keynes, Crawley, The O2 Greenwich, Castleford West Yorkshire, and Didsbury in Manchester.

To date, D-BOX Motion Code is available on more than 900 titles and many prominent Hollywood studios have started embedding D-BOX Motion Code on Blu-ray format and theatrical releases.

DVD Intelligence got a taste of a fuller - 4D immersive experience at IBC 2010 (Amsterdam) on the of South Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) that showcased its 'Real-Sense 4D Experience System.' In addition to seat motions, the system offered hot and cold, wind, smells, water mist, fog and flashing light. (read article). Specialist website 3D Focus reports that, last year, a South Korean company called CJ 4D Plex converted regular cinemas to 4D first testing the technology with James Cameron's Avatar.

Story filed 12.02.12

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