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DaTARIUS brings more affordable disc testing equipment

Austria's DaTARIUS, a leader in test equipment for the optical disc industry, as introduced a new tool to enable fast and precise testing for all kind of optical media in one unit - DaTARIUS iDS offline instantDetectionSystem.

The company says his new equipment is an affordable alternative to high-end reference systems, thus targeted to smaller businesses as well.

The system checks the discs and shows exactly where the error is located. Compared to other products of this kind iDS is claimed to be much faster (CD up to 48x, DVD up to 16x and Blu-ray up to 8x) in finding defective areas.

To date, some fifteen units are being used in quality control by various manufacturers of optical media, including Optimal Media in Germany, where the equipment is used for both QC and decision making together with reference tester; the VDC Group in the UK, where the iDS tool is used for both DVDs and BDs; and Duplas Avelca in Italy for DVD testing.

"The DaTARIUS iDS is the perfect aid to support today's optical media productions where the investment into the iDS can be recouped in less than one year,"? says Christian Obermair, the company's Sales Manager.

Headquarters in Reutte, Austria (R&D, sales and service), DaTARIUS has regional offices in the USA, China and Hong Kong.

Story filed 12.01.12

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