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Technicolor's MediaEcho synchronises content across devices with BD-Live

Technicolor has teamed with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to launch an interactive Sons of Anarchy application, enabled by Technicolor’s MediaEcho application feature set.

The Sons of Anarchy (pictured) application leverages both BD-Live functionality and audio watermarking technology to deliver synchronised content and e-commerce capabilities to Apple iPads.

Developed in-house by Technicolor, MediaEcho delivers an interactive second-screen experience to viewers using either a Blu-ray Disc player with BD-Live (Internet connectivity) or audio watermarking technology to synchronize with a tablet device, without disrupting the primary content on the main screen.

Content displayed on the tablet, such as cast, crew and production information, historical facts, audio and video, can be played in sync with the on-screen feature or viewed later (offline). MediaEcho utilises BD-Live technology to enable a true two-way communication between any Internet connected Blu-ray Disc player and tablet device, or via Technicolor’s own proprietary audio watermarking technology for broadcast. Both synchronisation options provide users with a wealth of additional content and e-commerce capabilities.

According to multiple surveys, up to 70% of consumers use additional devices (laptop, tablet, mobile) to supplement their home viewing experience, whether engaging in social media or browsing for more information about the program they are viewing.

Consumers can download the Sons of Anarchy app at the Apple iTunes Store and experience second screen capabilities for the Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Blu-ray Disc box set. Viewers will be able to use the same app to synchronize with the Season 4 broadcast series started with episode 9.

While watching the show in real-time, consumers can purchase Sons of Anarchy-branded show merchandise and other items with a touch of a button through an e-commerce marketplace, powered by Delivery Agent, Inc.

Story filed 10.11.11

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