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Disc maker uses new screening technology to prevent theft by staff

Industry data put to more than $10 billion the value of company property stolen by workers at manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses worldwide. An unnamed global manufacturer of DVDs, CDs and video games is to use an advanced object detection scanning systems to prevent employee theft while ensuring workplace safety and privacy.

The disc manufacturer turned to Millivision to acquire equipment preventing the loss of yet-to-be-released DVDs, CDs, video games and other intellectual property, which could be used to create bootleg or black market copies and could potentially result in millions of dollars of lost revenue annually, says the company.

Unlike x-ray or active scanning systems which subject people and operators to radiation with each scan through traditional metal detectors, Millivision systems use passive millimeter wave technology, enabling customers to achieve “the highest level of security and detection without the use of radiation or other harmful emissions.”

The systems detect not only metal items hidden under clothing, but also non-metallic items such as the DVDs and CDs produced and stored at the manufacturer's manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

The company is in the process of putting a Millivision system at every entrance/exit of its warehouse and manufacturing/production centres.

Story filed 10.11.11

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