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Blu-ray still on a winning streak in Germany

Research carried out by GfK revealed that Blu-ray sales continue to rise in Germany and across Europe. German consumers bought 7 million Blu-ray discs in the first half of 2011 – an increase of 2 million on the figure last year – while throughout Europe 104 million flew off the shelves (up 24 million on the sales this time last year).

The research also revealed that 93% of respondents who tested Blu-ray 3D were totally satisfied, and that nearly a third of all German video households now own a BD player.

“Overall we can see that nearly everyone in the target group knows Blu-ray by now, and that their intention to purchase Blu-ray products is growing,” says Christoph Freier, Key Account Manager at GfK. (Source: Blu-ray Disc Reporter)

Story filed 08.09.11

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