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First 7.1 3D Blu-ray animated music title - Lichtbound

High-end BD/DVD mastering and audio/video post production house msm-Studios produced the 3D disc version of Lichtmond, the world’s first animation music 3D Blu-ray with 7.1 + 5.1 surround sound. The producers and creative brains behind the ambient pop project Lichtmond are the brothers Martin and Giorgio Koppehele from Munich. msm has already produced the DVD and Blu-ray (2D) versions of the title.

The Spanish animation artist Diego M. Bonati, from Imago D-Studios in Madrid, has reworked his animated dreamworlds for 3D generating completely new creations. “Lichtmond is in the purest sense of the word a wonderful imagery of romantic and sensitive love poems combined with ambient pop and chill-out tracks, which are woven into an intriguing world of sounds,” says producer Giorgio Koppehle.

“As we had already created the complete image world for Lichtmond together with our Spanish animation partner, we had to convert that into a fascinating 3D world,” Koppehle comments. “It required high computing power to create a true, stereoscopic 3D version. Some objects like the flying fish positively “grow” out of the 3D TV as do bubble-like volcanoes and other surreal objects. True 3D image is the perfect extension to the Lichtmond world of sound and shows the possibilities of what is creatively feasible in the music domain.”

Lichtmond 3D is released on the label Blu Phase Media /Alive!

Story filed 04.07.11

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