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QA specialist Testronic opens new File-Based Laboratory

Testronic Labs, the leader in quality assurance services for all type of media hardware and software – including to date over 5,500 BD discs and 80 3D BDs, has announced the opening of its new File-Based Lab, located in their facility in Burbank, California.

The first-of-its-kind lab was designed and built from the ground up to serve the growing needs of studios and content holders as the industry rapidly transitions to a fully digital, file-based ecosystem that takes content all the way from mastering through to digital distribution to consumers. The File-Based Lab will provide end-to-end QA/QC services in a way that has not been previously available for rich media, says the company.

Testronic says it was convinced that “simply mimicking the traditional process for file would limit their ability to craft the most efficient and effective QC process in the industry.” As a result, Testronic has heavily invested in ground-breaking new technology for their File-Based Lab, including an advanced system for high-resolution, multi-format A/V playback, which allows the company to streamline the amount of equipment necessary to test all of the various master and distribution file formats and allows a QC operator to switch among a wide variety of file formats without having to switch to other equipment or to a different QC bay.

“In our new lab, we have automated the administration of file delivery, as well as asset and project management, enabling us to achieve significant internal efficiencies and focus our process improvement efforts on content QA/QC, but the human element will continue to be integral to the testing process into the foreseeable future,” Seth Hallen, CEO of Testronic Labs, points out.

Story filed 14.06.11

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