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Large order brings Singulus brighter balance sheet

Singulus Technologies announces the sale of a “substantial” number of BLULINE II and CRYSTALLINE systems to long-standing customer Toronto-headquartered Cinram, which continues to invest significantly in Blu-ray discs production.

With this latest purchase, the German BD replication toolmaker has received orders for nearly 40 BLULINE II machines in total until May 2011, in line with its forecast of up to 50 machines in this segment.
In view of order books totaling €65.9 million in the first quarter 2011, marking an increase of 66% compared to the previous year intakes, Singulus has published a revised sales forecast of more than €160 million for 2011. With a projected growth of at least 33%, the sales forecast is significantly higher than the €120.1 million achieved in 2010.

The company is to announce shortly a further large pruchase, bringing orders “considerably higher than sales expectancy.” Following three years of negative earnings, Singulus now expects a turnaround in 2011 with posting of positive results.

Singulus cites Futuresource’s November 2010 report pointing to a sharp global Blu-ray production increase last year, with an estimated total of 400 million pre-recorded BD discs. It was a 60% growth compared to 2009. For the next couple of years, Futuresource forecasts a three-fold production requirement to amount to more than 3 billion BD discs.

Singulus has become the global market leader with the BLULINE II replication systems. Worldwide almost all replicators produce BD50discs on the company’s machines. The other core business is the Solar segment where it sees “considerable positive impulses for the business development of the company.”

Story filed 29.05.11

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