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CDSA expands content protection role with new appointments

As part of its commitment to expanding its role as the International Content Protection Association, CDSA has announced new senior-level appointments to its Board of Directors.

Joel Bigley, Senior Vice President Worldwide Operations and Business Execution, Deluxe Digital Studios; and James Dunkelberger, General Manager Worldwide Product Release and Security Services, Microsoft have been named to the CDSA Board. Richard Atkinson, Chief Piracy Specialist & Consultant, Anti-Piracy Worldwide, has been named as a strategic advisor.

“The expansion of our worldwide content protection programs as well as the successful rollout of a new, industry-wide risk management software solution is at the forefront of CDSA’s new suite of anti-piracy and content protection initiatives," says CDSA Chairman Spencer Mott, CISO of Electronic Arts. With these addition our industry association is in an even greater position to develop the most relevant, new advancements in collaborative activities for the protection of our industry’s most vital assets,”

Joel Bigley, apart from his operational responsibilities, provides leadership for quality, performance, and security for all Deluxe Digital Studios (DDS) business entities worldwide. Bigley built the Quality Management System (QMS) and the Security Management System (SMS) at Deluxe Digital Studios, both industry leading programs that have led to worldwide CDSA certifications, industry leading scores on MPAA audits, and success on various other audits by studios and industry organizations.

James Dunkelberger is the General Manager of Microsoft’s worldwide Product Release and Security Services team, which is responsible for many aspects Microsoft’s IP protection strategy. He has worked at Microsoft for the last 15 years and over the last seven years has worked in product security, including physical protection of IP both internal to the company and in the supply chain, anti-counterfeiting technologies and strategies, product quality controls, and product activation investigations.

Richard Atkinson created and ran Disney’s Anti-Piracy Operations team for six years, and was also a technology innovator for famed Walt Disney Imagineering. Prior to Disney, he was Chief Communications Technologist for Northrop Grumman. As a strategic advisor to the board of CDSA, Atkinson plays a lead role in its new Content Protection Work Group Program and serves as Co-Chair of CDSA’s annual Entertainment Content Protection Summit, which is co-produced with Variety.

The CDSA has also announced that its second annual Entertainment Content Protection Summit is scheduled for December 8 in Los Angeles and, expanding on the success of last year’s event, a second, European, event will be held in London in September.

Story filed 10.04.11

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