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BDA-financed test 'proves' Blu-ray 3D engages viewers more than BD, DVD

"Mindlab scientists prove Blu-ray 3D is the most engaging format," claims the Blu-ray Disc Association website, reporting on a neurological research the BDA commissioned Mindlab International to carry out at its UK’s Sussex Innovation Centre.

The experiment monitored subjects’ heart rates, skin conductance levels (EDA) and brain activity levels (EEG) while watching film clips and trailers in Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD formats.

Unsurprisingly, the results revealed that the attention levels of the subjects were 29% higher, their engagement levels 18% higher and their emotional levels 8% higher when comparing their reactions to Blu-ray 3D to those of standard DVD footage. All of the video clips were viewed on a 3D TV using active shutter glasses.

The BDA’s official website, usually quick to report on and promote the latest BD hardware and titles, did not publish the full details of the research, but linked visitors to gadgets review site Pocket-lint they had invited to take part in the testing procedure. There, we learn that the experiment involved only 24 subjects – an unscientifically small sample to draw meaningful, let alone precise, percentage figures, which Pocket-lint freely admits.

Self-serving science or not, it remains that “it’s not exactly heresy to suggest that watching 3D is more involved than watching a lower quality DVD,” the gadgets site concludes.

Story filed 10.04.11

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