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France: 2010 spending on DVD, BD, VOD stable at Euro1.5 billion

Consumer spending on packaged media in France has weathered the harsh economic climate in 2010. Spending was up 0.1% to €1.38 billion, with 94.8 million DVD and Blu-ray discs sold (+1%), according to GfK figures collected for the French video publishers association SEVN.

The Blu-ray market grew sharply, generating €173 million. BD disc sales now account for 13% of total video revenues. The unit volume nearly doubled – 8 million discs were bought last year versus 4.5 million in 2009 and 2 million in 2008. Some 15% of French households have a BD playback machine (BD players or PS3).

Turnover of VOD services was up 40%, bringing in €135 million.

Consumer spending on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD thus reached a total of €1.5 billion for legally-acquired packaged and digital content.

SEVN believes the new media release system (chronologies des médias) that shortened the window between theatrical exhibition and video release has had “a beneficial impact throughout the French cultural industries as well as the various distribution channels. Cinema box office recorded its highest attendance since 1967.”

The video publishers body underlines the importance of deploying HADOPI, the ‘three-strike’ legislation aimed at combating online video piracy. Publishers expect the full implementation of the law this year to show that the observed growth in packaged media and VOD revenues is a result of HADOPI as well.

SEVN is calling on the French government to push for a Europe-wide reduction of the VAT rate on ‘cultural goods’ delivered on packaged media or digitally.

Story filed 18.01.11

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