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Green packaging leader Sunlyte unveils first carbon-free optical disc

A leader in green packaging solutions, Maine, USA-based Sunlyte Packaging is launching the Sunlyte Certified Carbon-Free manufacturing service for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Through material and energy efficient design, streamlined distribution and use of carbon neutral delivery services, the new environment-friendly service dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of packaged media.

The remaining essential footprint (as little as 250 grams for a packaged CD) is then balanced to net zero through offsets that support certified greenhouse gas reduction projects. The zero carbon footprint packaged discs are available at comparable prices to standard CD jewel box and DVD packaging.

The carbon footprint of Sunlyte-manufactured discs, including the materials and manufacturing of discs, all packaging and printed material, all transportation through to distribution, and end-of-life, has been calculated by an independent consulting company and the methodology was reviewed by two leading carbon management organizations. Carbon offsets are purchased in compliance with the more rigorous protocol.

Sunlyte Certified Carbon Free utilises the lightweight Sunlyte Tray, made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, FSC or SFI certified paperboard and carbon neutral shipping. The company's discs reduce material costs, energy costs and waste. For example, a packaged Sunlyte Certified CD weighs 49% less than a standard CD package, resulting in significant shipping and carbon footprint savings.

Sunlyte Certified discs adhere to sustainability guidelines of Wal-Mart, the Recording Association of America and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers. They are certified by as CarbonFree.

Story filed 14.01.11

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