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'Technicolor Certifi3D' programme to ensure delivery of quality 3D content

Technicolor has launched its 3D certification programme branded ‘Technicolor Certifi3D.’ The programme is geared towards broadcasters and network service providers with the goal of delivering “quality and comfortable 3D experiences” to end consumers.

Technicolor Certifi3D was created to ensure that 3D material meets minimum quality requirements before it is delivered to consumers. As part of the service, Technicolor evaluates each shot against a set of objective criteria for stereographic reproduction, including a 15-point quality checklist to identify common errors in production which result in suboptimal 3D content.

The company will also offer training programmes to broadcasters and content creators to help them migrate their production and post-production techniques from traditional television to the three dimensional medium.

Behind the technology that serves as the foundation for the Technicolor Certifi3D service is an advanced 3D analysis software tool that was developed by Technicolor’s Research and Innovation team. Utilizing the left and right source masters, the software builds a 3D model in real time giving an accurate pixel count for objects that are too close or too far away from the viewer that would result in discomfort. It also automatically detects and flags conflicts with the edges of the TV screen, another significant source of discomfort for 3D in the home.

Story filed 12.12.10

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