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AudioDev in strategic cooperation with DaTARIUS on sales, services in Europe

Swedish optical disc test equipment maker AudioDev has entered into cooperation with QA solution provider DaTARIUS (DataPlay GmbH), following last month’s sale of the Austrian company assets to investors in Europe by US-based DPHI Inc. that acquired it in August 2008.

DaTARIUS will represent AudioDev’s full range of products for optical media testing in regards to Blu-ray Disc and the CATS D400 DVD 4x. The representation covers sales, as well as service and support for the products sold by DaTARIUS, in most of Europe starting 1 December 2010.

The sales of and support for the AudioDev SA300-platform (DVD Pro series) and SA3-platform (CD Advanced series) remain a responsibility of AudioDev.

DaTARIUS, whom Thomas Hackl, one of the new owners, has been appointed CEO, will stop further development and sales of new equipment of the Databank Platform for BD and DVD Cubes in Europe, though service, repair and support for these products will be continued.

Peter Falk, CEO of AudioDev welcomed DaTARIUS as their representative “in this important market, especially during a time when the BD-format is expanding beyond the established replicators.”

“We are very pleased to launch this new company with a structure optimized for the current and future support needs of our optical disc customers, and to expand into new technologies and business developments,” says Hackl. “The partnership with AudioDev was a key strategic decision.”

DaTARIUS is the only independent certified DVD A-Lab in Europe and AudioDev is the only certified Testing Center for BD-ROM Media in Europe.

Story filed 01.12.10

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