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msm-studios, sofatronic partner to offer Pure Audio BD as web-based service

Munich-based advanced audio specialist msm-studios has partnered with BD authoring tool supplier sofatronic to make available to publishers its Pure Audio Blu-ray technology.

Pure Audio Blu-ray was developed by msm-Studios in cooperation with 2L Lindberg Lyd. It combines the Blu-ray format's vast storage capacity and bandwidth necessary for high resolution audio (up to 192 kHz/24Bit) in surround and stereo with the easy handling of a CD.

All functions of a Pure Audio Blu-ray can be operated by remote control without the need of a TV screen. The preferred audio format (e.g. 2.0 LPCM or 5.1 DTS -HD Master) is selected via the four colour buttons featured on the remote control of any Blu-ray player.

Through streamlining, the production of such discs will enable other audio studios, content owners and C&A facilities to use templates developed by sofatronic from an extension to its BD-J authoring platform. msm-studios can now produce discs quickly without the need of any programming. sofatronic has integrated these features needed for Pure Audio discs and is able to offer these possibilities to other C&A houses as well.

For those audio engineers and content owners without a Blu-ray authoring environment, the two companies are to introduce a web-based service. Users will be able to upload their audio files, review designs and audio data that are processed into Blu-ray cutting masters ready for replication.

“All this without any investment in any new soft or hardware, audio specialists can now upgrade to the new high-resolution format and offer their clients the best sound quality for BD players at home,” says Dieter Schwengler, VP Business Development at sofatronic.

"The launch of our web-based authoring service will resolve the bottleneck in Pure Audio Blu-ray authoring. The cooperation with sofatronic enables us to offer a complete authoring service on a large scale. Customers will benefit from a streamlined production process with fast turnaround times," says Bock who will be presenting more details of this new solution at the Tonmeistertagung 2010 in Leipzig, Germany, this month (27 November).

Story filed 09.11.10

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