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Online piracy is no victimless crime, take it from indie filmmaker Greg Carter

Last month, the Los Angeles Times told the tribulations of Greg Carter, a renown independent filmmaker counting the cost of piracy. Already seriously impacting Hollywood blockbusters, pirate film websites can strike a deadly blow to the aspirations of the likes of Carter.

“Greg Carter spent the last three years scraping together $250,000 to write, direct and produce A Gangland Love Story, a gritty, urban retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Since its DVD release in July, audiences have embraced it: More than 60,000 viewers have watched the movie on the Internet, giving the independent filmmaker a coveted public following.

“Unfortunately, winning an audience has come at a steep price. The viewers of Carter's film watched if from pirate movie sites and never paid for it. Carter figures the unauthorized viewing has cost him as much as $100,000 in lost revenue, dashing hope that he'll ever see a profit,” the feature starts.

Read the full story in the LA Times.

Story filed 23.10.10

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