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Spanish replicator Duplico 2000 moves into Blu-ray Disc with Singulus line

Duplico 2000, a major CD and DVD manufacturer in Spain, is entering the Blu-ray market with an announcement of the acquisition of a BLULINE II Single Layer and Dual Layer replication system from Singulus.

"Since 2000 we have been working with SINGULUS CD and DVD mastering as well as replication systems. Now we are ready to step into the Blu-ray market and enhance our business activities with the installation of a BLULINE II,” says Vicente Bernabeu Ferràs, CEO of Duplico. He hopes this will help the company maintain a competitive edge and broaden its optical disc portfolio.

With a turnover of €21 million, Catalonia-based Duplico 2000 employs more than 100 persons and has a production capacity of 150,000 CDs
and 270,000 DVDs per day.

Story filed 22.10.10

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