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Survey sheds new light on changing TV consumption of Brits

A survey commissioned by Rovi (formerly Macrovision) to better understand TV consumption in the UK has found that viewers have shifted their TV watching behavior, based on the introduction of entertainment technologies, such as on demand TV or ‘series record TV’, resulting in the emergence of a new TV culture.

The survey results report that nearly 70% of people will not discuss a programme they have seen, or ask first before starting to talk with friends or colleagues for fear of spoiling a TV surprise. Half of respondents would object if someone started to talk about a programme they hadn’t yet viewed and a top TV annoyance is someone discussing the outcome of a programme before they’ve had a chance to see it.

The survey also concluded that more flexible TV viewing style means that 56% of people are socialising more or spending more quality time with friends and family. One in five respondents find time to read more, 17% manage to fit in more exercise and 16% use the freedom to put in extra hours at work.

When asked how they predict they will be watching TV by 2015, 97% of Brits believe they will be getting their TV or video content from the internet or recorded to watch on their schedule. More than 52% of viewers feel that having a TV connected to the internet will make it easier to find the content they want to see.

Today, the laptop is second only to the TV as the chosen device on which to view TV programmes and almost as popular as the TV for viewing films streamed from the internet or user generated content, with 50% of viewers comfortable to do so. On average, 35% of the UK watch more TV on their mobile phones than they did two years ago, although a resounding 62% of 20-25 year olds answered positive on this point.

More facts:

- Over half of respondents watch TV outside the home (in order of popularity): ‘At friend's houses’, ‘in bars or cafes’, ‘on planes, ‘whilst travelling’, ‘commuting’ and ‘in the office’

- 66% currently plan viewing using the guide on their TV and only 39% still use a magazine guide

- 25% of people find ‘missing an episode of their favourite programme’ most annoying when watching TV, and almost 20% cite their top annoyances as ‘two programmes clashing’ or there being ‘nothing decent to watch’

- 20-25 year olds are twice as likely to watch TV on a home PC or laptop at 67% in comparison to 35-44 year olds at 33%

- Only 49% of 20-25 year olds would hold on to scheduled news broadcasts, compared to 80% of 55 – 60 year olds

Research carried out by Red Shift Research of 1000 people in the UK between the ages of 20-60+

Story filed 15.09.10

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