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Eclipse adds Fortium's Patronus DVD copy-protection support

Eclipse Data Technologies has added Fortium’s Patronus copy‐protection support to its premastering, glass‐mastering, and verification tools. The Fortium copy‐protection plug‐in will be included in all new Eclipse software versions.

Patronus anti rip copy protection, widely used to protect sensitive Academy Award screeners, was released for DVD manufacturing this year. By using a proprietary encapsulation technique deep within the disc structure, it successfully protects against some of the most aggressive ripping programs while confirming to the DVD standard and ensuring full playability.

Eclipse’s analysis, mastering and bit‐to‐bit verification software will automatically recognise and report the presence of Patronus protected images, allowing seamless processing through a factory.

“Our agreement with Eclipse makes the addition of Patronus into the replicator’s workflow a seamless process and removes the financial or operational hurdles in offering it to customers,” added Mathew Gilliat‐Smith, CEO of Fortium.

Patronus is already being offered to content owners by a range of replication and mastering plants including the Technicolor group, Deluxe Digital Services, VDC Group, Synchronicity and Digital Works.

Story filed 14.09.10

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