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Industry first: 3D video on a smartphone

Sharp put on display at IFA a prototype smartphone with built-in 3D cameras. Connected to a 3D TV set, the recorded pictures or videos can be watched with 3D glasses. On the smartphone itself, the content is visualized in a 3D auto-stereoscopic mode, without 3D glasses, which DVD Intelligence has seen.

The 3D camera module incorporates functions to process the image data output by the left and right cameras, including color synchronizing processing to adjust colour and brightness, timing synchronizing processing for the video signals, and optical axis control processing to correct positioning.

In addition, fast readout technology rapidly transfer video data from the image sensor, enabling 3D images to be captured in HD mode
Sharp has announced developments of a 3D camera module for mobile devices capable of capturing high-definition (720p) 3D video images back in May. Although, at IFA, the 3D pictures produced were in a 480x854 format. The prototype featured a 3.4" 3D touch-enabled parallax-barrier LCD to make the 3D image.

The company said it started shipping samples in July, with mass production of these modules ramped up in the 4th quarter of this year.

Story filed 09.09.10

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