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Sony to launch first Blu-ray notebook PC

Sony will bring to market the world's first notebook PC equipped with a next-generation Blu-ray disk drive in Japan in June, a month behind Toshiba’s launch last week of laptop PCs with a rival drive.

The Japanese electronics and entertainment conglomerate expects its Vaio notebook PC with a Blu-ray drive to retail for about ¥400,000 ($3,600), in line with the price tag for Toshiba's competing notebook PCs, which are equipped with an HD DVD drive.

"The PC market will be increasingly polarized, with customers focusing on such basic functions as the Internet and e-mail on one end, and users that seek added value on the other," Yoshihisa Ishida, head of Sony's PC division, told a news conference. "The latter, of course, is where Vaio is headed."

Story filed 16.05.06

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