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Launch of Blu-ray PlayStation 3 set for November

At Los Angeles’ Electronic Entertainment Expo that began this week, Sony announced that it would launch the PlayStation 3 in the US and Europe on November 17.

Speculation of previous months was right. The new system will be more expensive because of new technologies like the Blu-ray drive and Cell processor.

Sony will offer two packages: the feature-rich package will cost $599 and will feature a 60GB hard drive. The other package, which will sell for $499, will only have a 20GB hard drive and will not have the wireless connectivity, memory card support, and high-definition video connection that will come with the $599 package.

At those prices, Sony's success will be driven by acceptance of the Blu-ray DVD format and public demand for the high-definition product.

Microsoft confirmed that an add-on HD DVD driver will be available for its Xbox 360 console, which debuted last year, in time for. Microsoft charges £210 ($390) and £280 ($520) for its Xbox 360. It has shipped around 1.6 million and hopes to have delivered around 5.5 million by the end of June.

Story filed 10.04.06

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