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VDL-ODMS to make pressing tools for VMD HD discs

New Medium Enterprises has struck a deal with VDL-ODMS to design and build NME’s production lines for its red laser-based HD Versatile Multilayer Discs.

VDL-ODMS, headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is a global supplier of optical media replication equipment and processes. It is part of the VDL Groep B.V.

The agreement includes the building of a multipurpose machine that will mass replicate NME’s VMD discs, as well as the standard DVDs. In the future, similar machines will also manufacture multilayer discs for blue laser applications.

These machines will combine the DVD processes and production modules of ODMS with new processes and modules stemming from novel technology developed by NME. The design will remain the sole ownership of NME. VDL-ODMS will promote and sell the VMD’s proprietary lines to other parties globally on a licensing basis.

Dr. Eugene Levich, CTO of NME was delighted to join efforts with ODMS. He commented, “We are privileged to work with ODMS as a technology partner. Our scientific knowledge combined with their industry and technological expertise and experience, we feel confident that we will have the VMD replication lines of the highest caliber installed to churn out our high capacity discs.”

Gabriel Walravens, CEO of VDL-ODMS stated, “NME showed us a great high storage technology and our initial findings lead us to believe that the VMD product will have big potential in the market and could be a low-cost solution to the media industry pursuing HD. We are happy to work with NME’s scientific team and we are excited at the prospect of building the VMD lines”.

Story filed 10.05.06

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