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Schiffer to head DaTARIUS' new Optimization unit

Industry expert Klaus Schiffer (picture) has been appointed to the position of General Manager of DaTARIUS’ newly-created Optimization business unit.

Schiffer will be based in the company’s new German office near Aachen; this office serves as a centre for process optimization and also offers a comprehensive test and verification service.

He will focus on driving forward the established DaTARIUS expertise in Optimization, and on the development of products related to this new business unit, such as mould temperature regulation, sprue recycling, and inline process optimization.

“We will be expanding the already successful product range for production optimization,” says Schiffer. “Decreasing margins for replicators, combined with more difficult processes for the new high density formats, increase the need for optimization in all areas of the production environment. Material recycling, fast and stable processes, and inline process optimization are important tools that lead to competitive production costs. We build test equipment that not only analyzes the quality of the discs themselves, but also helps to improve process stability for higher output.”

For the past 15 years (1991-1998 at IBOS GmbH Germany, 1998-2006 at Toolex/ODME Netherlands), Schiffer has been a key figure in the development of inline optimization solutions within the optical media industry, as well as in industries such as general injection moulding.

Story filed 03.04.06

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