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Cinram ships first next-generation HD DVD titles

Cinram International Inc. today announced that it has shipped the first next-generation HD DVD titles, which include Million Dollar Baby, Phantom of the Opera and The Last Samurai to US retailers. The shipment of the HD DVD titles coincides with the launch of one of the next-generation High Definition DVD format players into the US retail market.

"Cinram is very excited about the launch of this next-generation format of High Definition DVDs, as the new format will provide viewers with a greatly enhanced home entertainment experience," stated Isidore Philosophe, founder & Chief Executive Officer. "This is just the beginning of a new revolution in home entertainment media, with unsurpassed picture quality and completely new viewer interactive features."

Cinram is at the forefront of HD technology, offering manufacturing services for both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats to the Hollywood Studios. The production and development of the new high definition formats is taking place at Cinram's Olyphant facility in Pennsylvania, where the company has worked in collaboration with its technology providers and its studio customers.

After the initial product launch, high definition discs will be manufactured in other Cinram replication plants around the globe.

Story filed 24.04.06

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