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Content Protection Systems for BD-ROM released

The Blu-Ray Disc License Entity, a group led by Sony, released the licensing requirements for the Content Protection Systems for the BD-ROM media, hardware and related software. The Content Protection Systems or CPS for the Blu-Ray format includes the "Advanced Access Content System" (AACS), BD+ and BD-ROM Mark.

In general, the AACS includes the content protection requirements for managing content stored on the Blu-Ray (and HD DVD) of prerecorded and recorded optical media for consumer use with PCs and CE devices.

Blu-ray Disc differs from HD DVD disc in that it also includes BD+ and BD-ROM Mark. BD+ relates to the ability to keep content from playing on a known hacked player while the RomMark is a manufacturing mark placed on the disc to help reduce mass piracy of discs.

Now the Blu-Ray Disc License Entity have announced which hardware devices and software applications related to the read-only Blu-Ray format (BD-ROM) should implement any of the AACS, BD+, BD-ROM Mark content protection elements.

Licensees of the Content Protection Obligation of FLLA for BD-ROM Version 1 technology shall implement CPS in its BD-ROM Products, in accordance with the following CPO Table and CPS license. The ‘Not Required’ in the CPO Table means that it is the Licensee’s choice, as to whether it will implement such CPS or not.

Licensees are allowed to manufacture any BD-ROM Component which supports multiple CPS as long as it is in compliance with the CPO Table. For example, the Licensee may manufacture the BD-ROM Component which supports both AACS and BD-ROM Mark.

According to the Blu-ray Disc License Entity, licensees shall ensure that each BD-ROM Movie Player, BD-ROM PC Drive and BD-ROM Game Console are not allowed to playback any BD-ROM Media (excluding BD-ROM Media whose data capacity is 4.7 or 8.5 Gbytes) unless such BD-ROM Media (excluding BD-ROM Media whose data capacity is 4.7 or 8.5 Gbytes) includes BD-ROM Mark.

Notice that the BD+ feature should be implemented only in BD-ROM Game Consoles such as the upcoming Playstation 3, the BD-ROM PC Application Software and the BD-ROM Movie Players.

Story filed 11.04.06

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