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20th Century Fox to attract female customers to DVD

In a bid to drive sales of DVDs amongst women, 20th Century Fox is embarking on an innovative advertising campaign to launch the In Her Shoes DVD. The campaign will target environments where predominantly females are ‘interacting’ together, with hair salons being chosen as a key target.

Booked through Starcom and Kinetic, the i-vu network of screens will feature two 30-second trailers twice within the 45-minute content loop to exploit the extended dwell time within the salon. Further engaging the audience, salon-goers will also be able to interact with the trailer to watch exclusive footage of the film’s premiere events across the globe. The campaign will run on 450 selected i-vu screens.

Emma Chicken, 20th Century Fox, says: “We want to draw females into a market which is traditionally driven by male consumers. Female-dominated environments such as hair salons offer the perfect platform for this. The i-vu network of screens targets our key audience but, more importantly, reaches them when they are in receptive frame of mind. We are confident that the interactive elements devised by the i-vu team are perfectly tailored to driving strong, accountable results.”

“Using i-vu, 20th Century Fox is able to deliver to a receptive audience which is generally hard to target through more traditional channels. Now reaching over 500,000 ABC1 females each month and achieving response rates of up to 33%, i-vu should make a serious impact,” says Mike Anstey, CEO, i-vu.

Story filed 05.03.06

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