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Blu-ray backer Disney considers HD DVD titles too

Long-time Blu-ray backer, Disney, has hinted it may well now publish titles in both formats. During the company's annual meeting with shareholders last week, Disney CEO Robert Iger stated that HD DVD support is a real possibility, saying that "we're very excited about next generation DVD formats".

Up until now Disney has been supporting Blu-ray because it believes it "offers more features and higher quality than the competing format." However, before saying that the company still believes that Blu-ray is going to ultimately prevail, Iger admitted that the company "will probably publish in both formats."

Disney joined the Blu-ray disc association as a member of the board of directors in December of 2005, and is also a member of the AACS LA, the organization responsible for the licensing of the AACS content protection schemes for both HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Story filed 20.03.06

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