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Nero, Samsung to bring out first functional Blu-ray devices

Nero, a leader in digital media technologies, announced that Samsung is sending out test samples in Europe of its Blu-ray disc devices together with a special test version of Nero 7 supporting the Blu-ray disc format.

This makes Samsung – and Nero – the first who have brought this technology out of the labs and into the test market. Both companies boast they have thereby established themselves as the leaders in bringing to market the first Blu-ray optical disc technology for storing and managing high definition movies, music, games, photos and more.

Featuring the Nero 7 Blu-ray test version, Samsung's new Blu-ray disc technology is being sent out to media reviewers in Europe.

"We are proud that our Nero 7 is the first all-in-one digital media suite to be delivered with this breakthrough in Blu-ray disc technology by Samsung," said Jim Corbett, Executive Director at Nero AG. "This is a milestone for both Samsung and Nero in that we Blu-ray technology pioneers are presenting the first executable, functional Blu-ray devices."

Corbett pointed out that Nero and Samsung have a history of partnerships and product cooperation on CDs and DVDs. And Nero demonstrated HD delivery for Blu-ray Disc technology at CES 2006.

Samsung Electronics said, "Both Nero and Samsung are industry leaders striving to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge products that can be appreciated by both the industry and the consumer."

Story filed 09.02.06

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