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UK film first to get simultaneous release

A Channel 4 film directed by Michael Winterbottom is to be distributed in cinemas, on DVD and online simultaneously for the first time. The film, The Road to Guantanamo, is due to be screened on the UK commercial TV channel on March 9.

Along with the television screening, the film is to be shown in up to 30 UK cinemas and on the internet. The production company, Revolution Films, is thought to be in talks with ISP Tiscali about online distribution.

The move shows a shift in thinking away from that of major Hollywood studios, which largely view the internet as a threat to the box office success of their films.

US director Steven Soderbergh broke new ground for the industry in January when his latest film Bubble was released simulateously in the US on DVD and at cinemas. However, it is thought that with the online release, The Road To Guantanamo is the first to go for three formats at the one time. (Source:

Story filed 20.02.06

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