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French video distrib body calls for release window change

The French video distributors’ association SEV is favourable to a review of the so-called chronologie des médias, the law that fixes the release windows of a film across the various media platforms. Currently the release of the DVD version of a feature film must wait at least six months after its theatrical exhibition.

SEV calls into question the suitability of this framework in today’s environment given that a film stays in cinema theaters for only three weeks on average and competition for delivery on a range of media put new pressure on its members.

In separate developments, according to data published by market tracking firm GfK for the French film agency CNC, French consumers spent €1.66 billion on DVD in 2006, a 7% fall compared to the previous year. The VHS format now accounts for a minuscule .3% of total video sales – translating in less than 1 million units.

With 136 million DVDs sold last year, it is the first the French purchased fewer discs than in 2005 (-5.2%).
The average price of a DVD title stabilized at €12.26. Though the price per disc was pushed down by multi-disc boxsets, the price of single-disc DVD title actually increased – €14.50 versus €13.80 the previous year. On average, a new release retails for €16.03 and a catalogue title for €9.87.

For the first time the share of movies on DVD decreased compared with other genres (TV series, music, special-interest, videoclips, etc).

Film studios have given the green light for the establishment of download-to-burn DVD kiosks in France, complete with printing of sleeves. Such a down-to-own service already exists in the US, offered by Wal-Mart, with prices ranging from $7.50 to $18.90 depending on the title.

Story filed 18.02.07

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