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Philips' optical technology and R&D unit sold to Moser Baer

Moser Baer is to acquire OM&T B.V., Philips-owned optical technology and R&D subsidiary. This acquisition will complement the existing cutting edge technology research being done in Moser Baer's R&D center in India and help the global number two player in the optical media market to further consolidate its leadership position.

According to the agreement, all IP created by OM&T will be transferred to Moser Baer. The Joint venture will also focus on development of photovoltaic technologies to support Moser Baer's PV business.

While OM&T has been instrumental for developing new optical media solutions and technologies creating new markets via global standardization, its pioneering work in Blu-ray and its status of being the only company outside Japan which is shipping Blu-ray discs will jumpstart Moser Baer's objective of being amongst the first few global manufacturers of the Blu-ray disc.

Having already established a first mover advantage in HD DVD-R format, Moser Baer will now extend its technology leadership position in the Blu-ray media as well as other new formats like Holographic Storage.

According to Girish Baluja, COO, Blank Optical Media, Moser Baer India, "OM&T brings to MBI not only its state-of-the-art Blu-ray disc testing and manufacturing capabilities, world class mastering and stamper making expertise, test and professional discs opportunities… but also a pool of highly qualified scientists and engineers. This talented pool will augment Moser Baer's capabilities in the areas of optical media, PV and beyond."

OM&T will also help Moser Baer's entry in the test disc market, in which OM&T is a leading player. With the agreement, Moser Baer will also be able to leverage OM&T's best-in-class mastering and stamper making capabilities.

Story filed 12.02.07

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