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Blu-ray 1st in US; HD DVD 1st in UK

Blu-ray disc has now sold more units than its HD DVD competitor, according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert. "Blu-ray has racked up a slight lead in unit sales – 100 units to every 98.71 units of HD DVD – since the inception of both formats.” But, HD DVD is in pole position in the UK.

According to Ken Graffeo, who is in charge of HD-DVD for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, he feels that, "Given that the life-to-date title sales ratios are close to 1:1, and given that Blu-ray has a 5:1 ratio right now on the hardware side due to the PS3, why aren't Blu-ray software sales outpacing HD DVD by a similar ratio?

According to The DVD Release Report, "in 2006, there were 129 Blu-ray titles released to HD DVD's 140. However, so far this year, through 16 February, the Blu-ray suppliers have released almost double the number of HD DVD titles. There have been 35 Blu-ray releases to 19 for HD DVD, many of which have been HD DVD/DVD combo discs."

HD DVD might have lost the sales lead in the U.S. but the format is still in pole position in Europe. HDTV Org reports that UK figures show HD DVD outsold Blu-ray 4 to 1 in the period leading up to Christmas last year, helped by the fact that the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive was by far the most easily available HD player on the market.

Unlike U.S. charts which have only provided ratios and no specific numbers, engadget HD says the British figures show just how small the market is at this point, with 8,200 HD DVD movies sold to Blu-ray's 1,834.

Story filed 25.02.07

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