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Growth in HD-ready screens to favour Blu-ray, analyst says

Sony’s PS3 console – to be launched in Europe next month - is expected to make up 52 per cent of all HD players by 2010, with sales in excess of 28 million, predicts UK-based market analysts Understanding & Solutions.

The analysts say they has identified a huge gap in the numbers of homes in Western Europe which have HD-ready screens and the number of those that have the means to play HD content or receive HD content. They predict that by 2010, some 115m HD-ready screens will be installed in European homes, but only 17m homes will be located within reach of HD broadcast signals.

Understanding & Solutions claims this gap will create demand for HD content that will make the PS3's Blu-ray capabilities a prime reason to buy one. The company reckons the all-in-one Blu-ray-ready PS3 machine has the edge over the Xbox 360 which requires the purchase of an HD DVD drive add-on.

"In Western Europe, we forecast the total installed base of Blu-ray players and recorders, including PS3 and PC Drives, to have grown to over 45 million by 2010," said Jim Bottoms, Managing Director, Understanding & Solutions. "And with Blu-ray accounting for upwards of 75 per cent of all player sales each year, our analysis leads us to conclude that Blu-ray will be the clear winner."

Story filed 25.02.07

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