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Axxicon supplies VCD-HD moulds

Axxicon Moulds recently installed several moulds for production of the VCD-HD format.

The VCD-HD disc is a single layer optical disc format, 0.6mm thick, yet offering a 4.7GB storage capacity. The format specifications are within the limits of regular DVD and PC drives. Its thin structure provides increased flexibility, making it ideal for cover mount, promotional and mailing applications.

Important cost savings can be obtained says the format developer music pioneer Andrey Tropillo: If VCD-HD disc is produced on a CD replication line, much less material is needed. Compared to production of a DVD-5 with a single moulding machine, while no bonding is needed, the VCD-HD can be produced with half the cycle time. VCD-HD is marketed by Trix Europe.

Axxicon defined and optimized the mould design. The Dutch pressing equipment maker says that, because of its huge installed base of machines, replicators can convert existing lines towards this new VCD-HD format more easy.

Story filed 06.02.07

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