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DVD street sales in Russia outlawed

A new law banning DVD, videocassette and CD sales by street vendors has been adopted in Russia late last week. The new law replaces a largely ignored measure introduced four years ago, reports UPI.

Industry observers said the law should spark a renewed crackdown on piracy through new police campaigns to halt sales of discs at outdoor markets and street-corner kiosks, the main place of business for bootlegged DVDs in Russia.

The report said the new law allows Russian leaders to point to the country's tougher stance against piracy ahead of its accession to the World Trade Organization. Russia's record in thwarting piracy has been a major stumbling blocks to its membership.

Konstantin Zemchenko, head of the Russian Anti-Piracy Organization, praised the decision to enhance Russia's anti-piracy effectiveness.

"Essentially, this is not really a new law -- it simply adds computer software and databases to an existing list of banned products – but at least the government is paying attention to piracy," Zemchenko said.

Story filed 08.04.07

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