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Sony sued over Blu-ray patent infringements

Two companies have recently announced lawsuits against Sony regarding the technology used in Blu-ray Discs. Target Technology, developer of silver alloy for targets, has claimed infringement regarding the method of reflecting light with metallic layers, while Security solutions provider Certicom alleges infringement of patents regarding content protection technologies.

Certicom's claim involves two of its fundamental patents used in consumer electronics and related to content protection technologies, including AACS, and affects a range of products, including PS3 and DVD players among others. The company says it has invested heavily into the Elliptic Curve Cryptography R&D over many years and felt it was left with no alternative but to file suit.

Target's claim, filed in the US District Court in Indiana, names the gaming, DADC, and motion picture divisions of Sony, and seeks unspecified damages, as well as an injunction against Sony.

Story filed 11.06.07

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