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MPAA joins Chamber of Commerce in anti-piracy campaign

Motion Picture Association of America Chairman & CEO Dan Glickman joined the US Chamber of Commerce and several business and association executives of the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP) to unveil a comprehensive set of legislative initiatives aimed at reducing piracy of US goods by increased protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The legislative initiatives are a key component to a broad-based campaign led by the CACP called
“Campaign to Protect America.” The CACP is a broad-based coalition representing more than 300 association and businesses within the US Chamber of Commerce.

The package outlines recommendations to provide for the enhanced protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property, including increased resources for IP officials within the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and strengthened coordination and enforcement at US borders.

“The American intellectual property community is a force unlike any other, driving the strength of our economy by its unmatched contributions,” said Glickman. “The motion picture industry creates over 1 million jobs and generates more than $30 billion in revenue to US vendors and suppliers. However, the rampant theft of US intellectual property robs the motion picture industry – and a wide range of American businesses – of lucrative revenue and triggers a harmful domino effect within the economy, causing thousands of lost jobs and wages."

According to MPAA figures, the US motion picture industry loses more than $6 billion to piracy worldwide, causing over 140,000 lost jobs and $5.5 billion in lost wages. Absent piracy, the motion picture industry alone would generate $837 million in tax revenue.

Story filed 17.06.07

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