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Lionsgate shows healthy DVD revenues

The death of DVD is much exaggerated if Lionsgate’s latest sales figures are to go by. The company says its 11,000-title DVD catalogue generated revenue of $256 million, up 21% from last year.

According to Lionsgate, DVD sales of some titles saw home entertainment figures exceed box office revenue. Home entertainment generated nearly $528.3 million in North American revenue, compared to $527.2 million last year, despite a depressed 2006 box office. "The performance of home entertainment and our library was particularly significant," said CEO Jon Feltheimer.

However, revenue earners like VOD and pay-per-view have also helped keep figures up; this, said Lionsgate president Steve Beeks, means that digital distribution does not necessarily take away from DVD sales.

Lionsgate has recently acquired an English DVD distributor (Elevation Sales) to better facilitate its home entertainment business in the UK, and the studio plans to establish a similar home entertainment distribution arm in Australia later this year. Source: (One-to-One)

Story filed 11.06.07

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